Fee Schedule

Lot Prices:

Adult 4’X 10': $660.00

Cremation/Baby 2’X 3’: $330.00

Grave Openings:*

Adult Burial: $660.00
Infant Burial: $270.00
Cremains: $275.00
Saturday, Sunday, & Holiday: Additional $350.00/Full Body, $100/Cremains

Receiving Vault:
For each body: $75.00
Additional charge after 6 months for each 6 months thereafter: $75.00

Vaulted Adult(Transferred within Woodland) $1185.00
Vaulted Adult(To be re-interred elsewhere) $565.00
Infant/Cremains (For burial elsewhere) $450.00
Infant/Cremains transfer within Woodland $225.00

Funeral processions must arrive at the Woodland Cemetery by 3:00pm to allow sufficient time to close the grave properly and remove equipment by 4:00pm. All funeral processions and vehicles will be under control of the Superintendent or a Woodland Cemetery Trustee at all times.

*These prices include the mandatory New York State permanent maintenance and vandalism fees. An additional charge may be made for snow removal, frost penetration and grounds repairs associated with the winter burial, based upon the actual additional cost to the cemetery.

Please call 607-746-6663 for purchase of lots.

These rates were approved by the NYS Division of Cemeteries on August 12, 2015.